The eclectic style embraces all periods, styles and trends, mixing them all together to create unique spaces and themes to run through the interior of your home. There is often an element which ties all these seemingly mismatched pieces together in the form of color, texture or shape. Palettes, art, furniture, ornaments, fixtures all vary,

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Country-inspired décor doesn’t have to be old-fashioned; in fact it can be a great design choice for many different types of space. It can be used to bring character and a sense of home to a new place, or revamp your current one. The great thing about this style is also its lasting ability; if

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Art Deco

The art deco style is something that never seemingly goes out of fashion.  The trend of Arts Décoratifs began at the turn of the twentieth century; however it didn’t reach the heights of its greatest popularity until the 1920s. It is known to be a pastiche of different styles, ranging from France to Egypt, the

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You may not have the luxury of living by the sea, but that doesn’t mean your home can’t provide the illusion.  Nautical interior design brings a fresh, spacious, relaxing energy that never goes out of style. Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, family rooms, and gardens –all of these spaces can benefit from some coastal chic. The great

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To be Bohemian is to be non-conformist in nature, and is associated with ideas of the avant-garde and freedom of expression. This translates to it as a style choice for interiors, and evokes a more relaxed, laid-back approach to design. This term and the subsequent décor that it spawned gained popularity during the 1970s, with

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To attempt to define modern as a style is fraught with difficulty; after all it can mean so many things. In its simplest explanation, it encompasses the modern art movement of its namesake. At its most complicated is it plethora of different styles that is constantly changing – but there is no need to get

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Nothing says modern chic more than industrial interior design. It is urban, cool, raw and unapologetic. It takes confidence and courage to pull of this look, but if you do you won’t be disappointed. Originally this style was created out of necessity, with many old factories and warehouses being converted into living spaces in urban

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Wooden Shades

Are Wooden Shades Right For My Home? Wooden shades pair well with a multitude of different styles and décor, and provide a great deal of functionality as well as sophistication. There is often a dilemma as to whether to opt for faux wood over their real counterpart; however this is dependent on the specifics of

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Blackout Shades

Blackout shades have been growing greatly in popularity and with good reason. These shades are designed to do exactly as their name suggests – blackout the light that would otherwise enter your room. That means no more pesky streetlights or sunlight creeping in, no matter what time of day. How do they work? Blackout shades

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Florida Homes: Top 5 Plants that Accent your Interior Perfectly

Living in Florida, residents know that while most activities can be enjoyed outdoors during some months of the year, there are certain weeks, or even months, that are best spent enjoying the indoors! When indoors, it’s important to bring elements from the natural world with you, especially in 2017, a year when the color ‘greenery’

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Looking Forward: 3 DIY Projects for your New Year’s Resolutions

Each year on New Year’s Eve, millions of well-meaning adults and children alike make resolutions to eat healthier, go to bed earlier, or complete their homework on time. Each year, millions of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned shortly into the New Year as too unrealistic, too time-consuming, or simply too low on the priority list.

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