To attempt to define modern as a style is fraught with difficulty; after all it can mean so many things. In its simplest explanation, it encompasses the modern art movement of its namesake. At its most complicated is it plethora of different styles that is constantly changing – but there is no need to get confused with all of that now. Instead, let’s explore some of the themes and characteristics that tend to run through this trend so you can start experimenting with the modernist in you…
  • Clean, Minimalist, Uncluttered
These keywords should be at the forefront of your mind when you are designing your space. There is a focus on organization, this isn’t a mishmash of different styles nor does it need to be overcrowded. There should be no clutter, no chaos and things should be functional whilst still holding aesthetic appeal. This means simple shapes and sleek designs for furniture are you friends. You of course don’t want it to seem sterile, but you need to put some real thought into each item you choose as they will be some of the few features of the space.
  • Calm Colors Contrasted
The palate of the room should flow effortlessly and the bulk of it should not be too bold. Yes, include accent walls that inject some vibrancy if needed, but on the whole you should choose more neutral and relaxed colors to match the minimalist design. Consider a chimney breast in a strong primary color, one bold piece of furniture, brightly-colored shades, a rug or a piece of vibrantly-colored art. This will make the room exciting whilst still sticking to the tenants of minimalism and relaxed décor.
  • Magic Materials
Metals, woods, leathers and plastics are commonly seen in this type of design. Chrome, oak, Perspex; they all have a place in the modern design space. Mix these materials to create variation: transparent Perspex seats around a thick, square oak dining table, a black leather angular sofa with steel and wooden triangular coffee tables – don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Open to All
An open floor plan is extremely characteristic of the modern style. This joins rooms together and gives the illusion of additional space. Use counters or other furniture to instill a visual distinction between the different areas, and have a similar palate running through it all for cohesiveness. The modern style of interior design generally works in many different homes; it is especially functional for smaller spaces as its minimalist approach opens a room up.