Wooden Shades

Are Wooden Shades Right For My Home? Wooden shades pair well with a multitude of different styles and décor, and provide a great deal of functionality as well as sophistication. There is often a dilemma as to whether to opt for faux wood over their real counterpart; however this is dependent on the specifics of your situation and your personal preference. Faux Wood Faux wood mimics real wood by using a composite of things like PVC and polystyrene. Sometimes, the blinds construction may also include wood fiber as well. In other words, they are usually made mostly of strong plastic. This means they are less expensive than real ones, but unfortunately can be more prone to warping and discoloration in strong sunlight – especially if they are of a darker color. Choosing a lighter option will help prevent this as they absorb less heat. They are often a good option for areas with a great deal of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as they are not affected by humidity. They are easy to clean and are heavier than natural wood, meaning they are durable but need more string supports which can obscure views.  They are a good option for high humidity areas and room where you might need sturdier blinds, such as children’s bedrooms. The Real McCoy Natural wood shades are fabricated out of high quality, real wood: cherry, oak, beech etc. They are on the more expensive side, but there are a multitude of reasons why people prefer them. They are more adept at keeping out light and heat, offering a great amount of privacy and light control whilst being energy efficient. This means they are well-suited to areas that receive a great deal of sunlight; if you are buying your blinds during the colder months consider the temperature and light change within the summer – wooden shades might well be the better option. This type of window treatment isn’t great for rooms with high humidity as long-term moisture effects natural wood negatively, so having them over the kitchen sink or in the laundry room may not be the best choice. Their construction makes them perfect for living and family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways. They are also less heavy so do not need as many support strings, meaning your view is not obstructed. All in all, they are solid and chic investment for the future of your home.