Panel Track Blinds

Are Panel Track Blinds the Right Choice for You? If your home or workplace is lucky enough to have floor to ceiling windows then you have a plethora of choice when it comes to window treatment. This type of window has many positives; it gives the illusion of additional space, offers beautiful views and lets in a large amount of sunlight. These are all aspects that also need to be considered when choosing your window treatment. Panel track blinds are often a popular choice for these windows, let’ find out why. Positives of Panel Track Blinds This type of blind is constructed using different pieces of material that stack vertically side by side, and reach from the ceiling to the floor. This means you can have alternate colors and patterns for an attention-grabbing look that adds a splash of energy and vibrancy to a room. The panels can either stack to one side or separate in the center depending on your preference, and are controlled by a wand or chord. There are even types of Panel track blinds that can be used to separate rooms. Panel track blinds are a modern, elegant and sophisticated option for window treatment. They come in a wide variety of materials, patterns and styles. They can be contemporary and eye-catching, becoming a feature of a room, constructed from sheers fabrics on bold colors. Alternatively they can be more traditional, with graceful, chic floral patterns, or further add to the ambiance when created out of woven fabric in neutral hues.  This type of blind can be tailor-made or bought in store, and tend to fit well with contemporary designs. They work in a many different spaces, from the workplace to the bathroom or bedroom. One of the main positives about this type of blind is the amount of variety it offers to a space. You can easily let through streams of sunlight during the daytime, and then block out all the light and noise pollution with hardly any effort. They can also come in blackout material for the bedroom if required and afford a great deal of privacy for your home. Top Tip! Accessorize your Panel To be at the top of the style game, why not try accessorizing your panel blinds. If you are getting your blinds custom made, you can include an additional piece of fabric that runs across the bottom of all the panels. This can be in a contrasting color that accents the design of the interior. You can even choose to have a wooden boarder placed on your blinds to further add a touch of chic sophistication.