Nothing says modern chic more than industrial interior design. It is urban, cool, raw and unapologetic. It takes confidence and courage to pull of this look, but if you do you won’t be disappointed. Originally this style was created out of necessity, with many old factories and warehouses being converted into living spaces in urban areas. Slowly it evolved and became popularized thanks to its cutting edge approach and daring nature.  If you think the industrial interior is perfect for your home then have a look at some of our top tips:
  • The Magic of Metallic
Industrial style incorporates a great deal of metal thanks to its humble beginnings.  This means steel, iron and copper are prominent themes that run through a space. Exposed pipes, lighting, metal structures, stairways and roofing are all great touches, as well as having flooring, blinds, walls and furniture in metallic colors. Wood is another material that often makes an appearance.
  • Get Inspired
The great thing about this type of style is that you can get inspiration from anywhere. If you live in the city, go walking in the industrial district taking note of your surroundings. You’re bound to see exposed brickwork, roof trusses and many other things that will stimulate your imagination and start your industrial revolution.
  • Fabulous Furniture
You can renovate and repurpose functional furniture to add true industrial flair to your home. Think about metal lockers, office desk lamps, chairs and tables.  Leather, metal, wood and plastic are all materials that are used. Look around flea markets to find some unique items.
  • Exposure
Where other designers look to cover up, the industrialist breaks the rules and leaves it all bare. This means pipes, architecture, mechanics of lighting, wires and ducts are no longer shamefully covered, they become a part of the overall design and add to the minimalist and unfinished nature of this style. Your flooring choices should reflect this exposed aspect too.
  • Combine your Colors
As mentioned above, metallic colors are a common trend in industrial interiors. Monochromes generally are a good choice; combine with pops of color in other items to bring variety. Use cushions, rugs and accessories for this purpose, however remember to keep minimalism and functionality at the forefront of your mind.
  • Art
Your art should be a statement. That means large, bold graphics, murals and symbols and choice pieces of abstract and post-modern art to add splashes of color. Don’t overcomplicate, keep it to a few pieces that are simple and will be a focus for the room.