Light-Filtering Shades

Shades are both a functional and fashionable option when it comes dressing your window. They come in a myriad of different materials, patterns and colors and add the perfect finishing touch to the décor of your home. If you think shades could be the right choice for your home, you will also need to think about the type of shade you want (Ordinary, Blackout or light-filtering) and the style (solar, roller, roman, honeycomb etc.) This all depends on what the room requires of the shade and what you yourself prefer. You also have to consider the size of the space and windows, and how your home will look from the exterior as well as the interior. An Introduction to Shades Shades are a popular method of window dressing that you will find in many homes and workplaces. Shades differ from blinds and shutters in that they are usually one piece of material that is raised or lowered – they do not have individual slats. This means they are generally more energy efficient, as they keep heat in and the cold out, they can even be double-layered. They are also a good option for those who prefer their privacy and work well to keep out noise and light pollution. Recently, some shades have even been designed to open top down/bottom up, which allows you to lower just the top of the shade – making your home even more private. Light-Filtering Shades Light-filtering shades have all the positive attributes of normal shades; they still control temperature, noise and maintain privacy (albeit not as much as their thicker counterparts), but they are designed to allow a certain amount of light to filter through into the space. This means your home can be bathed in natural sunlight without having to give up your privacy. They tend to be made from thinner or coarsely-woven materials which allow the sun to penetrate the space softly; this means the light isn’t as intense so furniture and colors do not fade. These are a great option for many different rooms, bedroom included if you enjoy waking up naturally with the sunrise.  This type of shade can come in every different style, so you can have beautiful set of pleated shades in the kitchen and an elegant set of Roman shades in the family.  If you want the nest of both worlds, consider the option of layering your windows by installing shutters or drapes as well.