Looking Forward: Natural Textures in 2017

With the promise of renewal and the opportunity for establishing a clean slate, the arrival of a new year is worth celebrating. Looking forward into 2017, the focus of the New Year will step away the screens and technology that intersect at every corner of our overscheduled lives. Instead, 2017 will be a testament to the idea of nature, to the beauty of the organic, and to the raw elements that can be found in the outdoors. Look no further than Frank Llloyd Wright’s masterpiece in design, “Falling Water”, to get a glimpse at the interior of the future. Natural textures in 2017 incorporate newer design trends with ancient design elements, blending the new and the old in a fusion that will make 2017 a stylishly effortless year. Stone accents. Using deep charcoal-hued stone as a design element has been a trend in certain décor themes for decades, but 2017 will see natural stone taken a step further. Outdoor patio and living spaces will see an uptick in natural stone elements that borrow from Earth tones, like taupe and tan. Look closely, and you may start to see stone accents in unusual places, like nightstands or knife blocks. When it comes to a texture that’s been used since the days of castles and kings as a décor element, a little ingenuity can go a long way in revitalizing a classic material. Warm, brown-hued terra cotta is also having a moment, experiencing an uptick in popularity alongside the other reds and tans of the color family. In general, interior design is moving away from the sterile disconnected granite-and-backsplash look of homes in the early 2000’s. Instead, personality and warmth are being fused back into design with rich, natural colors and raw materials. Inspiration from flora and fauna. The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, is sure to inspire an uptick in homes that are decorated with accents reminiscent of rain forests. Look for leafy veins as subtle design details in kitchen countertops or accent chairs. Consider delicate flowers and prickly vines as inspiration for the artwork you display, or the very frames themselves. Be sure to incorporate a little of the up-and-coming vibrant green hue, the color of a blade of grass in the springtime, in with the natural textures of your 2017 décor. Wood, and cork. Everything from antique wooden umbrella stands to DIY-inspired wooden coffee tables is experiencing a surge in popularity in 2017. Partially due to the availability of lumber and tutorials on crafting small home accessories, the “do it yourself” designer has been creating wooden bar carts, bed frames, and more. Wood, along with its cousin cork, has been popping up more and more in décor as a natural texture lending depth to a design. After all, it is eclectic, readily available, and can easily be updated or renovated – the perfect material for a millennial on a budget. Like cork, which has seen resurgence as kitchen and dorm room wall decor. On the other side of the spectrum, handcrafted artisanal wood chandeliers and décor elements are gaining in popularity. Whatever natural texture you choose to incorporate into your design in 2017, consider wood, stone, and greenery-inspired elements.