Plantation Shutters

Should I Install Plantation Shutters? Plantation shutters are the last word in luxury and opulence when it comes to window treatments. They are a classically beautiful choice that marries well with many different styles, and have the ability to revamp and revitalize any room instantly. If you think your windows deserve a treat but are worried that they are not quite the average size and shape then don’t worry, as plantation shutters can be skillfully made to fit any space. What are Plantation Shutters? Plantation shutters were originally created out of necessity, but they have now evolved into an eye-catching feature of any home. As opposed to your average blinds, plantation shutters are solid constructions with wide horizontal louvres that are controlled by a wand and are affixed into place. They tend to be made from long lasting, durable materials, and are a good option for families with young children as there is no danger from chords. A Brief History This type of shutter gains its name from the place of their creation; the plantations in the South. The slats in the South were wider than was tradition for the average shutter, and were put on the exterior of the house for both decorative purposes and to protect against the elements. It was during the middle of the twentieth century that they resurfaced in California. The architectural style at the time was to have large windows in the home providing the homeowner with both a great view and natural light. Plantation style shutters were introduced on the interior of the rooms as they let in large amounts of sunlight when needed, as well as keeping the heat out and privacy in. They grew in popularity and were soon spotted all over the country. Are Plantation Shutters Right For Your Home? Plantation shutters work in all type of room as they provide natural light extremely easily, as well as privacy. They are also extremely efficient at blocking out light – a good choice for the bedroom. They are energy efficient, safe and stylish. You can have your very own unique set of Plantation shutters tailor made to fit your windows perfectly, and they are so strong and durable they will last a lifetime. Plantation shutters also complement a variety of different designs – from modern to classic, urban to eclectic. They come in many different colors, material and styles and are a timeless, functional and flattering option for your home.