Florida Homes: Top 5 Plants that Accent your Interior Perfectly

Living in Florida, residents know that while most activities can be enjoyed outdoors during some months of the year, there are certain weeks, or even months, that are best spent enjoying the indoors! When indoors, it’s important to bring elements from the natural world with you, especially in 2017, a year when the color ‘greenery’ and the trend towards organic elements have inspired many interior designers to create indoor spaces that appear influenced by the outdoors. Use natural elements like plants to accent your home perfectly! Here are five examples of plants that can be used in Florida homes to create an impression, help purify the air, and otherwise impress homeowners and houseguests alike: Air purifiers. Plants that purify the air serve a double duty in your home – they are not only attractive, but they are also useful! In Florida, there are several types of plants that are perfect for use as air purifiers, as well as elements of your home that provide a pleasing effect for the eye. They typically can survive in medium to low light situations, making them perfect for homes that have shady groves in the exterior. Low-maintenance trees.  There are some low maintenance trees that can be placed in planters in the corner of your homes. Some species don’t grow beyond about five feet or so, and they are relatively skinny in diameter, making them perfect for a Miami apartment or the lanai of any home throughout the state! Skinny trees add an attractive element, and height, without requiring too much maintenance beyond watering and occasional fertilization. Orchids. Most commonly found in South America and other tropical climates, orchids are beautiful plants that can be found outdoors in Florida, hanging from trees, as well as in homes, in pots with mulch or moss. Orchids are a beautiful element that can thrive in your home, and look impressive when their flowers bloom. Beautiful orchid blooms, which last for several months, will add elegance and class to any home decor. Ferns and ivy. Ferns and ivy require little light and provide lovely touches of greenery, which is an important element in 2017 design. The Pantone color of the year, greenery, is inspiring designers to bring back that natural, organic element in design, and a real plant that can live in almost any situation, regardless of temperature or lighting, is the perfect green element for a Florida home – even a dark bathroom! Peace lily. The peace Lily can exist in medium lighting, which almost every Florida home achieves throughout the day. It thrives in temperate climates, and it is known to bring good energy to a space as an air freshener and purifier. It does not require replanting or fertilization often. It is a wonderful housewarming gift, and is sure to be the perfect plant to have in your Florida home!