Blackout Shades

Blackout shades have been growing greatly in popularity and with good reason. These shades are designed to do exactly as their name suggests – blackout the light that would otherwise enter your room. That means no more pesky streetlights or sunlight creeping in, no matter what time of day. How do they work? Blackout shades and curtains work in the exact same way, namely their entire design is based around stopping exterior light from passing through. This is done by having very tightly woven fabrics or materials and/or having extra treatment in the manufacturing process.  If it is the later the blinds are treated, creating a specialized backing that stops light in its tracks. This makes them the perfect choice for your or your children’s bedrooms. Why Blackouts? The main purpose of having this type of shade is to improve sleep quality. From an early age, we associate a good night’s sleep with many factors; temperature, comfort and support for example. Light is also a very important external influence that should be considered. After all, there is nothing more likely to keep you awake than if you have light pollution – it can be just as detrimental as noise. Blackout shades are an efficient method that allows you to have complete control. Light control is not the only positive when it comes to blackout shades. They are also great at regulating the temperature in your room, thanks to material they are constructed from, and are an effective tool for keeping noise out too! All in all, they help to create the perfect sanctuary for sleep. Are they the Right Choice for Me and My Family? Blackout shades are a great choice for those of us who always have a sleeping mask nearby, whose rooms face sunrise or streetlamps, and for people who are employed during unsociable hours and need to sleep during the day. Additionally, blackout shades are popular to install in children’s rooms. This is because it is very important for your little ones to get the right amount of sleep and into a good pattern from an early age. This type of shade creates the ideal conditions for healthy sleeping. Top Style Tip! Fit your blinds into the window recess and pair them with an outer curtain, made with the fabric of your choice. This creates a beautiful layered look. Alternatively for a more minimalist style, install the blind so it covers the outer edge of the alcove.