Country-inspired décor doesn’t have to be old-fashioned; in fact it can be a great design choice for many different types of space. It can be used to bring character and a sense of home to a new place, or revamp your current one. The great thing about this style is also its lasting ability; if done correctly it will last without looking dated. Most people associate this style with kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms – namely shared spaces – however this theme can run through every room in your house. You can bring a slice of the country to the city – or wherever you may be – with any of these top design tips:
  • Perfect Patterns
Use traditional patterns like floral and gingham to inject some country style into your home. This can be subtle, using throws or cushions, or more obvious by having curtains or furniture decked out in beautiful floral tones.  Woven fabrics make great throws for furniture and are super cozy too.
  • Mix and Match
Not everything has to match! Different colored armchairs and other eclectic mixes of furniture give a room character and make it unique. This gives you more freedom when it comes to space and style, and you can continue to evolve your décor well into the future.
  • Flooring
Less is more. Restored floorboard painted white or left in their natural state and a neutral colored rug to tie the room together works well. You don’t need to overcomplicate it. Keep it simple and natural. Woods are a popular choice generally for this style of interior, especially lighter options as they open the room up. This can run through to the kitchen in cabinets and the bedrooms in furnishings.
  • Little Touches
Flowerpots, watering cans, vases, decorative plates and vintage luggage all add subtle country tones to your décor.  When it comes to art work, you don’t want anything too intense. Choose pieces that complement the relaxed and classic country vibe.
  • Calming Colors
Nothing has to be too bold here, you want a place to relax and feel comfortable in. Floral, pastel hues should be your palate, with a focus on creating an open space. Feature walls and furniture can be painted in light blue stripes or lightly contrasting colors.   Country design is uncomplicated, full of character and made with love. Try any of the above to begin your journey into this style, and you won’t look back.