Professional Tile Installation

Professional Tile Installation

Installing a new tile is often an exciting process, but it’s also a vigorous, multi-step process that takes about 1-3 days depending on the space size of the room. Although it is possible to do it yourself, we recommend hiring a professional installer to do the work as it can be a labor-intensive process and requires several specialized tools to carry out.

As mentioned earlier, the tile installation process can be messy and time-consuming so knowing what to expect and how to prepare yourself can help make the process go faster and smoother and also eliminates any surprises.

Before Installation

Before installation, we’ll send a team member over to look at the space to be tiled and give you an estimate. They’ll measure your space and determine how much tile is needed for the installation. If there’s already tile or any other type of flooring, then the removal of your old flooring will be the first step in the installation process.

The next step will be to ensure the floor is clean and properly prepared for the installation. Prepping your floor and installing the new tiles will involve a lot of noise, dusting, and loud power tools. This is why it is very essential that before our team arrives for installation, you should have all your furniture, and important household items removed from the area. Also, for safety, please make sure kids and pets vacate the area.

In addition to that, our team might require a small area outside for cutting and trimming the tile because the process typically requires the use of a wet saw and can create a small mess. Our team will be happy to answer any other last-minute questions you might have about the installation process.

During Installation

Once all due processes have been completed and all your questions answered, we will begin the installation process. It is advisable that you or any other adult in your home vacate the work area to ensure that our team works efficiently. The installation time may vary depending on the space and size but expect that it will take anywhere between a few hours to about 3 days. Our team will remain communicative to you all through the entire process.

After Installation

New tile installation needs time to solidify and cure so it is advisable that you stay off your new tile for the first 24-48 hours. They should also remain free of moisture so the grout can dry. For this purpose, we recommend leaving the windows open or running a fan. This will also help to remove smells from the installation. After that, you’re free to enjoy your new tile!

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