Window Coverings are just as important as your windows and can accentuate the many key benefits of the windows themselves. They can provide various levels of privacy, ventilation and natural insulation depending on your preference. When shopping for window coverings that fit your needs there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

Important factors to consider when choosing window treatments are your needed level of privacy, the range of ventilation provided, level of protection from the heat and cold, the look and style, and most importantly the cost. All of these are important factors and a Naffco specialist can help you make the decision that you will be satisfied with.

Shutters are more than a classic look that never goes out of style,our custom shutters provide privacy and superior sun protection as well as light control. Blinds are ideal for horizontal and vertical windows. Blinds can be simple as aluminum or upscale fabric and woods. Honeycombs come in many colors and are not only beautiful, they also deliver the highest energy efficiency.

Stop by one of our three showrooms and let our experts help you to reach beyond your window covering goals. With our huge selection from Hunter Douglas and other manufacturers, we have an unmatched selection of window coverings.

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