Looking Forward: 3 DIY Projects for your New Year’s Resolutions

Each year on New Year’s Eve, millions of well-meaning adults and children alike make resolutions to eat healthier, go to bed earlier, or complete their homework on time. Each year, millions of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned shortly into the New Year as too unrealistic, too time-consuming, or simply too low on the priority list. So what can you do to make New Year’s Resolutions that are likely to stick? This year, consider DIYing your resolutions – resolve to Do It Yourself! Here are three DIY Projects for your New Year’s Resolutions: The Creative Project. To get your DIY juices flowing, start your New Year’s resolutions list with a creative project that you have been wanting to get around to, but never seem to find (or make) the time for. This creative DIY project can come in many shapes and sizes. It could be the perfect time to plan your spring flowerbeds or prepare for a summer herb garden. It might be an opportunity to put together that scrapbook or photo album that you always mean to get around to. It might be a knitting task – something useful, like socks, or frivolous and fun, like a scarf or a gift for a friend. It might even be settling in to work on that novel you always intended to write. Whatever the creative DIY task you select might be, it’s worthy of a New Year’s resolution for a few reasons – it brings you joy, and it’s a great outlet. The Necessary Project. Not all DIY projects are created equal. There’s a chance that your DIY New Year’s resolution might fall under the category of “necessary,” and that’s not a bad position to be in! Completing a looming task or over-due assignment will make you feel accomplished and useful – not a bad start to a new year! The necessary DIY project could involve a minor home repair, or it might be something a little more abstract, such as implementing a new health and fitness plan that involves resolving to spend time on meal prep or turning your garage into a home gym. Paint an accent wall in your dining room. Re-decorate your guest bathroom. The necessary DIY project might also be something like a organization effort – many a spare bedroom and closet could benefit from this treatment. Whatever your DIY necessary project might be, one thing is certain – you will feel GREAT after it’s been accomplished! The ‘Just Because’ Project. Selecting creative and necessary DIY projects can be simple, since most of us have a running list of things we’d like to get around to or things we know we should do. However, the ‘just because’ DIY project is perhaps the most flexible and freeing of all! Selecting your ‘just because’ DIY project should involve a little self-examination. What skill would you like to strengthen? What projects are you a little hesitant to get started? Now is the time to begin learning about a new hobby, such as cooking or painting. It could be the perfect chance to set a goal for yourself to develop a new skill. The ‘just because’ project could be something as simple as a goal to read one new book per week, or as complex as a desire to learn a new language. When it comes to DIY projects for your New Year’s Resolutions, there is no wrong answer. The important thing is to just get started, so grab a pen, find a sheet of paper, and start jotting down your top goals for the New Year. You will be glad that you got started!