Florida Homes: How your Colors affect your Mood

Anyone who has ever heard the phrase “feeling blue,” or understood the idea of being “green with envy,” or even had to experienced the fury of “seeing red,” should understand that certain moods inspire the thought of certain colors. Likewise, just the thought of certain colors can inspire different moods. When it comes to interior design, the colors that you choose can go a long way in helping to establish the tone of the space, whether it is modern and upscale, or old-fashioned and cozy. Colors for emotions. Living in a Florida home, choose interior decor colors that are reminiscent of a day at the beach, an afternoon strolling in the natural wildlife and greenery that Florida has to offer, or a tropical paradise. These are just some of the warm colors that homeowners in Florida might want to use when decorating their homes. Greenery, which is the Pantone color of the year, should be a surefire element to incorporate into your interior design in 2017. This vibrant green shade reminds one of rejuvenation and renewal, and could be a perfect fit for anything from the yoga exercise studio to a calming space for family gathering. Colors like red and purple inspire passion and may evoke emotions more readily. Shades like light yellow and pastel blue create calming environments, albeit low-energy ones. Incorporating natural elements and tones, such as the colors of raw, organic wood or metals can help inspire a calming and centering mood. Colors for accent. Use caution when painting or decorating with bold accent colors, like black. It’s fine in moderation, but an entire room in this shade could feel heavy. Likewise, bright white can be a little too stark to paint walls or ceilings. If seeking neutral tones, go for the colors in the tan or beige family. Whatever colors you choose when decorating rooms, or even when incorporating a little design elements, know that they can have a big role in setting the tone for the overall energy that comes out of your room. Each shade has a different emotion that it can evoke, and it’s not surprising that your mood might be affected by the different colors that you are processing – so be sure to surround yourself with the ones that make you feel the happiest and healthiest!