The eclectic style embraces all periods, styles and trends, mixing them all together to create unique spaces and themes to run through the interior of your home. There is often an element which ties all these seemingly mismatched pieces together in the form of color, texture or shape. Palettes, art, furniture, ornaments, fixtures all vary, so it can be difficult to make a space seem cohesive – however with enough research and drive you can produce an eclectic style that will make anyone envious. Why not try out some of these ingenious eclectic design ideas:
  • Think About the Focal Point
As mentioned it can be a tricky to ensure your eclectic style is achieved with coherence; a good way to accomplish this is to have a distinct focal point. This will help the space have focus. It can be something new you introduce or you can further accentuate an existing feature. This could be something like a fireplace, a large piece of art or something else eye-catching.
  • To Fail to Plan….
The initial plan for your room should be focused on ensuring the layout of the room is perfectly designed and thought out. As you are mixing together different shapes and styles, you need to ensure they will fit in the space well without making it look cluttered.
  • Less Can be More – Even Eclectically
Yes, eclectic means mixing together different styles, but don’t mistake that for amalgamating anything and everything. Choose a certain number of trends/periods and stick to them so as not to overwhelm.
  • Consistency is Key
If you are choosing to have an eclectic theme running through your entire home (great for keeping a consistent energy without it becoming boring) then you should still consider having one factor that ties the spaces together. This helps with the natural flow of a home and avoids it becoming disjointed.
  • Color Choice
A good way to keep an eclectic room together is to have one color which serves to unify the room. Often, neutral colors work well on walls and floors, with furniture, drapes and ornaments and accessories providing a pop of color and uniting the space as a whole.  Having a clean background in the form of neutral walls also creates a blank canvas to fill, and keeps the room from looking too busy. Shapes also serve as a great way to gain unity if you want a variety of colors. This type of style is all about experimentation, so don’t worry if the space doesn’t seem right straight away. Keep evolving and adding to your design for a truly eclectic home.