Florida Homes: The Best Porch on the Block

When it comes to showcasing the best home on the block, a well-decorated front porch is all part of the package. Creating a space in the front of your home that is inviting, clean, and full of warm accents will give visitors a wonderful first impression as soon as they step onto your stoop. A cozy and well-designed front porch can also provide you, the owner, with a sense of peace each and every time you enter your front porch space. Below, these are a few tips to help Florida homeowners get the best porch on the block: Keep it clean. It’s important to make sure to dust every so often, and to clean all ceiling fans, shelves, or glass table tops, as dust can accumulate over time. Keeping it clean can also extend to the design itself. Porches are typically small and surrounded by the outdoors, so make the most of the outdoor space and keep your furniture and decor to an elegant minimal. This will help make the porch seem bigger, and heighten the usable space for entertaining. Use neutral tones. One way to ensure that your front porch is the envy of every neighbor on the block is to create a palette of tones that isn’t offensive to the eye. Choose a neutral in a family that you’re a fan of -and this doesn’t mean it has to be boring! You can choose anything from the beige, white, and tan family; you can choose gray or black; you can also choose a neutral pastel shade like the Pantone color of the year, greenery. When it comes to neutral tones, the sky’s the limit! Bring in organic textures. In 2017, use natural greenery to distinguish your porch as a comforting space. Take a few steps to make it a place to kick back with an early morning cup of coffee or relax with an evening glass of wine. How do you turn your porch into the best one on the block? Try incorporating soothing textures that emulate organic natural environments. Since a porch is outdoors already, try drawing in natural greenery through plants and flowers, elements of stones, and organic inspired furniture made of bamboo or wicker. Whatever steps you take to make your Florida home’s front porch the best on the block, be sure to incorporate elements that you enjoy. Whether it’s a favorite color or a unique design feature, your porch should be a space custom made for relaxing!