Get Rid of your Chimney and do This

4 Things You Can Do With the Space from a Removed Chimney

If you are considering removing a chimney from your home, you might be at a loss when it comes up the leftover space. Suddenly, the whole area of the room has altered. Look at this as an opportunity to revitalize your rooms. Chimneys can take up a great deal of area and be a huge focal point – now you have the freedom to completely change the space, energy and style. Why Should You Remove Your Chimney? If your own a slightly older home, chances are that you will have numerous fireplaces and chimney breasts.  Nowadays we have the luxury of central heating, leaving the chimney without its original purpose. This means they are usually kept for cosmetic reasons. If you do not use your chimney then removing the breast and stack can recover the lost space, maximizing and altering the area. Just remember the chimney breast forms part of the structure of your home, so additional support beams may need to be added in order to preserve the structural integrity. The flooring around the removed chimney will also have to be refurbished. You may also want to keep a chimney in one room but not in the others, or your neighbor’s chimney may be attached to yours. These issues can be fixed.  Seek professional assistance as there are many companies that specialize in this type of renovation.
  • Install a Smaller, Modern Fire
If your décor is more contemporary, having a large, traditional chimney and fireplace may not complement the overall aesthetic of the home – not to mention keeping a fire going is hard work! After removing your chimney, you can choose a more fitting addition that will not only look the part, but be functional too. There are a huge amount of different styles and options when it comes to flueless technology. Gas, fan or electric, you can still give the illusion of a chimney fire, without losing the space. Hole in the wall options are another ingenious way to conserve even more of the floor space.
  • Decorative Purposes
With that huge wall space, you now have a great deal of freedom when it comes to interior design. A large piece of art can become the focal point of the room, as you are not limited by the separation chimney breasts create.
  • Add Extra Furniture
You can use this opportunity to include a larger bed in a master suite, additional storage space by way of fitted wardrobes, a media center complete with a television either placed on the wall or on a stand, an ornate mirror, a larger dining table; the possibilities are endless. Look at the layout of the area with fresh eyes.
  • Converting a Single into Double
You now have the ability to convert a single, smaller space into a much larger one. This is a great option for bedrooms. Downstairs, you can opt for an open-plan living and dining area.