DIY Projects for 2017: Bathroom Storage

One of the hottest new trends is a subgenre of DIY projects for 2017: bathroom storage. For many people, the bathroom is one of their favorite places to tackle during a DIY remodeling project as it is a space that is full of untapped potential. One of the best ways of beginning this overhaul process is by investigating the ways in which storage can actually move to completely change the concept of your bathroom.
  • It’s all about the theme

The first step in beginning this project is to pick a theme for your bathroom. Once you have that tackled, you’ll be able to narrow down options for your storage possibilities. Often times shelving is an issue in bathrooms. You may have a cabinet that only has one shelf or you may have an area where you would like to put cabinets, but they just aren’t in the budget right now. Should this be the case, you’ll want to look into the wooden crate concept.
  • Different themed crates for each type of bathroom

Wooden crates are perfect makeshift shelves and can be extremely aesthetically appealing as cabinets. It holds true to the open concept of a room since there is no closing them off, and they can be stacked in various manners depending on what kind of space you’re working with. Should your bathroom be lighter and more of an ocean beach type of theme, leaving the crates as the bare pale wood will complement the cool tones of the room. If you have a more rustic area to fill, you’ll want to find a wood stain that matches the tones you’re playing with, and spend a day painting the stain onto the wood, elevating the look of your crates. You can also get fun with the crates and paint them colorfully instead of with stain. This is a great option when decorating a family bathroom and choose various colors to paint them, adding a pop of color to the bathroom and make it a family project.
  • Your options are always open

Despite which style you choose, you’ll be able to have storage and style all in one. The cabinets can be permanently fastened together with wood glue or nails, or you can leave them freely stacked, allowing you the freedom of reorganizing them should you get tired of the design you originally place them in.