Art Deco

The art deco style is something that never seemingly goes out of fashion.  The trend of Arts Décoratifs began at the turn of the twentieth century; however it didn’t reach the heights of its greatest popularity until the 1920s. It is known to be a pastiche of different styles, ranging from France to Egypt, the Orient to the Mediterranean. The underlying desire of this style was a move towards a more modern and affluent aesthetic in all mediums of art, including architecture, painting, sculpture and of course interior design.  This style also often implements geometric patterns, vibrant colors and expensive materials made with bespoke craftsmanship. Art deco is classically beautiful and can fit any kind of space. Why not try some of the following to add a touch of this stunning style to your home
  • Go Geometric
Art deco is characterized by strong geometric shapes and patterns. A good way to start your deco design journey is to choose a strong, geometrically themed wallpaper, creating a bold statement with lines or curves that complements the room.  This could be a feature wall if you prefer an art deco accent to a space.
  • Be Bold
To design a room in this style, you need to be confident. Be bold with your choices and finishes by opting for contrasting colors. Black, white and metallics exude that kind of classic throw back to art deco, but you don’t need to limit yourself to monochromes and metals. Deep browns, vivacious reds and choice placements of mirrored surfaces and tiles combine to create an interior that emanates this era. Think about tiles and wood patterns when it comes to your flooring too – parquet for example.
  • Add in Artwork
This movement was deeply connected to the art world, so it only makes sense to include some choice items that will further add to the overall design.  Picking out some classically art deco-inspired paintings, sculptures and furnishings like ornate lamps will complete a room.
  • Flashy Furniture
Art Deco influenced furniture has drama at its heart, marrying the aesthetic with functionality. Patterns may be bold, geometric and luxurious. Your furniture choices should be dramatic with hard lines, angles and distinct shapes that further contribute the room’s visual appeal. The same goes for any fixtures such a cabinets, wardrobes, and your choice of blinds and curtains.
  • Travel Touches
Global travel was beginning to really take-off during the popularization of the art deco movement, so why not add a few fun touches of this to your design. Display small trinkets, maps and any pieces of art you may have acquired whilst on your own trip to add the same subtle exotic appeal. Remember when it comes to design you don’t always have to stick to the rules – especially with Art Deco. This style really meshes well with others, so you can just have a touch here and there depending on your preference.