To be Bohemian is to be non-conformist in nature, and is associated with ideas of the avant-garde and freedom of expression. This translates to it as a style choice for interiors, and evokes a more relaxed, laid-back approach to design. This term and the subsequent décor that it spawned gained popularity during the 1970s, with the name being borrowed from the past to describe people who do not agree with the majority and the establishment. For Bohemians, rules are made to be broken. So how can you get a chilled, Bohemian vibe to fill the rooms of your home?  Well remember when it comes to this type of décor, there aren’t that many rules to abide by. Things are often busy, with rooms being filled with paintings, materials, sculptures and pillows. Let’s take a look at some elements which are commonly found in this type of décor. Who knows? You may be a budding Bohemian at heart after looking through these style ideas:
  • Material Madness
This type of décor is often characterized by a buildup of different contrasting materials, placed naturally on all type of surfaces. This can be rugs on the floor, wall hangings, throws on furniture, canopies on beds. In other words, there is a great deal of layering going on without adhering to a strict order or color scheme. Play with texture and color: tie-dye, silk, velvet, cords, fur, satin, suzani; whatever works for the room.  Clashing of patterns is good, throw a mish-mash of pillows with a chunky knit 70s-inspirend throw and hey presto – you’re on your way!
  • Bring the Outside In – and Vice Versa
There is no separation when it comes to furniture, décor and the external and internal. As we said above, rules do not figure into the Bohemian psyche. This means plants – and an abundance of them – can live inside, spilling over and held in macramé knots. The same goes for ornate, Moroccan-inspired lanterns– these can make an appearance both inside and out of your home.  When it comes to the exterior of your home, use exactly the same décor; rugs, materials, cushions, candles and furniture in a mix of different styles and with character to help create a beautifully Bohemian vibe. You can even pop some string lights or a chandelier out there.
  • Fabulous Furniture
When it comes to furniture, variety is the word to remember. Combine any number of clashing styles: different chairs around a dinner table, a mismatched sofa and an ottoman. What ties it all together is its difference, and the more different the better. This style is one that appears effortless and is totally unique. If you feel this type of interior design suits you then start experimenting with the Bohemian in you now!