You may not have the luxury of living by the sea, but that doesn’t mean your home can’t provide the illusion.  Nautical interior design brings a fresh, spacious, relaxing energy that never goes out of style. Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, family rooms, and gardens –all of these spaces can benefit from some coastal chic. The great thing about this style choice is that you don’t need to start from scratch, you can add accent of maritime to an already existing design as a way of refreshing a space. Let’s take a look at some top tips that will help you embrace the oceanic wonderer in you.
  • Sublime Stripes
A really simple way to introduce the nautical design into your home is to use stripes. These are usually in pastel colors: light blues, greens and pinks but can also be in blacks, whites and navy. Striped patterns can be used on wallpaper, in furniture tapestry and cushions and in window treatments. A pair of elegant, striped roller shades can immediately revitalize a room. You can contrast gracefully muted stripes with pops of primary color to bring variation to space – reds and yellows are a great option for this.
  • Myriads of Maritime Accessories
A few choice nautically-themed decorations can add character and style to a space.  The key is to not go overboard and make it too overcomplicated and busy. Nautical design is characterized by a feeling of open space and you want class over clutter. Good ideas for decorations in this design are anchors, telescopes, starfish, sea creatures, surfboards, maps, glass bottles and nautical stars. Remember, just opt for few of these items – less can be more.
  • Find a Focal Point
As in most rooms, you need to have a focal point as this helps with the overall theme and balance. Consider a large nautical star painted above a light fixture or an anchor print on bed sheets to bring the room together.
  • Creative Colors and Materials
Your color scheme should be light and uncomplicated, creating an open space to relax into. Think bare, rustic, light wooden flooring paired with white walls, accented with color by blinds, cushions, furniture and decorations. Painted wood is a common characteristic to experiment with, as are dark mahoganies – but remember you still want to keep an open, airy vibe. Contrast your colors by having darker or brighter accents combined with the overall neutral hues.