Florida Homes: How your Ceilings affect your Rooms

Moving into a new home, or even considering redecorating and existing home, can be fraught with details. There’s the question of what to do about window treatments, how to handle flooring, or where to begin when it comes to decor elements. Everything from the wood you choose for your bedroom furniture to the type of container used to store your toothbrushes seems to be under scrutiny. With all of those details, have you stopped to consider what’s hanging over your head- literally? Have you thought about how ceilings can affect your rooms? Ceilings can have a big impact on your space –¬† just think about the Sistine Chapel! After all, while you may not be trying to turn your ceilings into a work of art, you can consider still consider the quality of material, natural lighting, and a design aesthetic when you are deciding what type of ceiling is best for your home. Choose a vision for you ceilings in certain space to help have the best impact on your rooms and your overall happiness in your design space. Light, airy kitchens. The kitchen is known as the heart and soul of the home, and making a kitchen into a warm, inviting space that is light and airy will go a long way in helping people feel comfortable. Make sure the kitchen ceiling is a light color, and a pattern that is pleasant. If lights are cut into the ceiling, choose a design angle that is angled in a way that does not shine directly into your eyes. Ideally, kitchen ceilings will be raised or slanted, so that they give the impression of opening into a bigger space – this can set the tone for your whole home. Luxurious bathrooms. Painting a bath area in a deep color, such as a charcoal, and emulating a natural element, like a stone, can help to create a sense of luxury and comfort in a space that you can use to unwind and relax in the bathtub. In contrast, all-white bathrooms can lead to a sterile feel. Cozy living spaces. Living room and bedrooms don’t necessarily need height in their ceilings to make them feel comfortable and lived-in, but choosing a ceiling pattern that has a little bit of texture and is painted in a warm tone can help to make your bedroom or living room have a comforting feel. Whatever color or texture you choose for your ceiling, consider height and skylights to bring some added natural lighting to a room, when debating what kind of ceiling would be best for your spaces.