5 Space Saving Hacks

Being a homeowner isn’t easy. You’re constantly accumulating objects that you don’t remember buying in the first place but also can’t seem to part with! It’s a grueling process of purchasing, using once, forgetting about it, and then struggling to find somewhere to store it when you’re finished. Instead of falling into the loop of …

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Building Small Doorways

Small doorways are usually a problem with floorplans. They can make a room less functional or feel cramped. Small doorways can cause problems with furniture and wheelchairs, and do not always function well with standard baby gates. However, you can optimize your small doorway with these five alternatives: Sliding pocket doors. A sliding door will …

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Stop Going Too Trendy

When you go into an older home that hasn’t been renovated in a while, you’ll notice all the poor, outdated design styles that only the original designer would appreciate. Pink formica countertops from the fifties, or earth-toned shag carpet from the seventies. It can be embarrassing to see in someone else’s home – how could …

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