Don’t Skip the Prep Work

The demolition, the reconstruction, the planning and design – it’s all more fun than the preparing for the day of your renovation. Nobody likes to measure, cut, tape edges, or lay the framework for a design project. But if you don’t you’ll have the more unpleasant task of re-doing all the work that wasn’t done correctly. If the contractor skipped laying down a solid foundation for your home, you would be rather upset. Don’t do the same to yourself by skipping these steps to floor, cabinet, window or countertop installation:  
  • Get the dimensions right. Before you start shopping (the fun part), make sure you measure the space and take your notes to the warehouse. This is especially if you’re buying used or sale items. Used furniture may have a “no returns” policy, and materials on sale may not be in stock if you ever need extras.
  • Create a clear agreement with your contractor. Before you let your contractors get to work, make sure you understand the rates and fees of your contractor. You also want to have a legally binding agreement if you’re hiring a self-employed contractor rather than hiring from a company.
  • Clean the remodel space. Installation can’t happen if you’re working in a dirty or dusty space. You don’t want to trap in dirt when you lay down floors or put on a fresh color of paint. Meticulous cleaning before and after the renovation will make the project run much more smoothly.
  • Smooth areas with previous grout or floor glue. If you’re replacing tile or glue-on floors, you’ll have to strip the subfloor of grout or glue before installing the new floor . If you don’t take care of the subfloor, you new flooring will be installed unevenly, and will wear from underneath over time.
  • Create temporary living spaces. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to have a temporary place to set your utensils, wash dishes, and eat meals away from the demolition site. Plan meals around cookware you can plug in outside the kitchen (like your microwave, slow cooker, and coffee maker).