How Colors Affect the “Feelings” of a Room

When it comes to choosing the color of a room and the pieces that will accent it, you should first decide how you would like the room to feel. Although it may seem like a trivial detail, it’s important to understand how colors affect the “feelings” of a room before jumping into a new project, otherwise your outcome may turn out to be very different than what you were originally envisioning. When choosing paints, you’ll want to decide between warm and cool tones. While blues and purples will serve to be more calming for your place of dwelling, reds and oranges will serve as ways of warming the room up in a sense. When it comes to paint colors, you’ll want to typically stick to nudes and beiges simply because they match many things. More often than not, it’s best to steer clear of engulfing a room entirely in dark colors. While accent walls are encouraged and can add a modern pop of color to your room, you’ll want lighter colors to give the effect of making the space look larger and more full of life. Now that you’ve got your wall color choice, it’s time to move on to your furniture. Darker furniture in the room will again provide you with a cooler feeling. Not only in a literal sense, but it will also help to make your room look more modern and upgraded. With these as an accent you’ll be able to keep your room looking timeless and homey. One thing to always be conscious of when designing a room is the usage of the color white. While it may seem like a posh idea, white is one of the colors to be most careful with. In bedrooms while it may look upscale at first glance, the white can have an overpowering feeling and is constantly at risk of being ruined. One of the better rooms in the house to make white, should you choose to go that avenue, is the bathroom. The white will give it an ultra-clean feeling and typically the mediums used in a bathroom and easily cleaned and can be semi-regularly bleached, keeping it looking fresh and feeling pure. When designing your rooms be sure you understand what you want the space to become before committing to a color scheme. It’s important to be conscious of the way different color combinations will make people feel so that when you are enjoying time in a room, the energy and essence of it isn’t off.