Modern Trends: Pretty Pastels

When it comes to remodeling or reviving a room in your home it’s difficult at first to choose a direction to go with it. A simple way to overcome this is by way of looking over what modern trends are most interesting to you at the moment. Looking over modern trends: pretty pastels being one of the major ones hitting the interior design market at the moment. This is a design style that is growing into these generations take on more Victorian English styles of decorating, simply being a little less ornate than its original inspiration. In many cases, designers prefer to choose just one pastel color and use other objects and colors that complement that one to surround it. For example, using a pastel lavender in a bedroom not only can serve as a soothing color, but also would have greens and darker purples surrounding it to bring out the creamy luster the lavender already possesses. However, a growing trend in the pastel community is that of mixing and matching designs to create a sense of organized disorganization that will leave your space looking modern and vintage all in the same breath. The mixing of patterns creates the vintage Victorian look that will keep your room timeless in essence, while the muted pastel colors add a splash of modernism on the older technique of design. These are two very different ways of utilizing the pastel color pallet, but both has proven effective. In the end it simply boils down to personal taste and what is pleasing to each individual’s eye. While one person may be challenged and intrigued by the busy patters and muted colors, another may seek order and an organization by way of mono-toning the design, color usage, and use of patterns. Regardless of which style you prefer, the pastel design market is taking off and if you’re in the market for a remodeling job then this is the trend you’ll want to take note of. Not only is it flexible depending on your personal taste, but it’s also the perfect mixture of old school and new school that will leave your space timeless and not in need of remodeling again for quite some time. The spring colors that are often used will emote good feelings constantly and make your space one that everyone is dying to spend time in and one that you’ll always leave feeling happy and content.