Modern Trends: Extra Large Format Tile

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom it’s never easy to decide which direction to take it. Should you go ultra-posh and take on the all-white with stainless steel essence? Or should you do it themed where your colors are light and accentuate the year round theme you’ve concocted? When looking into different ideas for remodeling bathrooms check out one of the best modern trends: extra-large format tile. Not only is this a unique take on paneling for your walls, but will also make it extremely easy to clean. Whereas traditional paneling is smaller and therefore has more possible cracks and crevices to get dirty right off of the bat, the extra-large format tile is longer and wider, eliminating much of that worry. The paneling is modern and chic while also giving it a very 70s throwback vibe. The nostalgic undertones to your newly installed extra-large format tile will give your bathroom the facelift you’ve so desperately wanted for so long. Not only is it great for cleaning, but it also eliminates the necessity of repainting those parts of your bathroom every again. Due to the nature of bathrooms, the paint can lose its color more easily. With the constant heat and steam from the shower and then the drastically dropped temperatures after the steam has dissipated, it tends to take its toll on the paint. If you install the format tile, instead of repainting every few years or so, you’ll just need to do a regular keep up that works seamlessly into your already quick cleaning routine. Some tiles are so large that each individual one can be as large as three by six feet. While that may be too large depending on the space you have to work with, the essence of the extra-large format tile will give your bathroom the much needed revival you’ve been seeking. Regardless of how large you actually end up wanting the tiles, the principle of the design is what will propel your bathroom into the modern era. Finding something that works for your taste and personal style is the most important aspect because otherwise you’ll just find yourself ready to redo it all over again a few months later. Finding what works for you is a process and may take some time, but it’s important that you trust your own instincts and go with what you find most visually pleasing, after all, it is your bathroom.