Mentally Prepare for Chaos

Home renovations are, to say the least, stressful. No matter how many times you’ve done them in the past, they can overwhelm you. Even the slightest improvement project turns into a monster! And it seems as if every decision your contractor or designer comes to you asking is a crisis. “What color should this wall be? Do you like this faucet oor this one? We need you to choose a tile color right now!” You’re ready for a break already, and the surface has barely been scratched. The worst of the issues will be resolved with relative efficiency. Some decisions are just obvious, and your contractors should be experienced enough to handle the big problems. But when your house is gutted, you can’t find your belongings while they’re being moved around, and you don’t have access to the renovation area (especially problematic with kitchens and bathrooms), you can feel more than a little frazzled. There are hundreds of minor inconveniences during a renovation that can cause massive chaos. The best thing for you to do in times of stress is to take a break, leave the work to be completed without your supervision, and get away from the middle of the problem. Any decision can wait an hour, an afternoon, or an entire day. You don’t want to overload yourself, and turn an exciting project into a family nightmare. To survive and keep yourself sane during the remodel, follow these tips:
  • Close off the construction area to minimize dust and noise pollution
  • Find an ample storage space, and keep it organized throughout the remodel
  • Order all your materials (and extras) early on
  • Have a trusted decision-making partner to consult when you feel overwhelmed
  • Hire contractors whenever possible, to avoid DIY headaches
  • Find an alternative working and relaxing space that isn’t your home
  • Ask for daily progress reports from your contractors and designers
  • Keep calm, and accept that some things will be out of your control
It can be more difficult for some people than it is others to let go of control and accept that some things just can’t be fixed right away. But everything will be resolved in time. You’re paying professionals to help you, and it’s their job to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the renovation when it’s finished. You don’t have to worry when you have a trusted and experienced team. Naffco Flooring & Interiors is an experienced, well known and trusted company. We provide flooring materials and installation, plumbing, cabinetry and window cover treatments. With Naffco designers and professional installers, your home renovation will go as smoothly as possible. We try to reduce remodel chaos, to ensure our customers’ peace of mind. Call your local Naffco today to learn more!