Modern Trends: Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen it’s important to consider what the big picture of the process is. Granted, your center piece will most likely revolve around a beautiful stove or island table, but you can’t neglect what frames all of these items: cabinets. When it comes to this particular aspect of kitchen remodeling the biggest thing to look out for right now are modern trends: two-tone kitchen cabinets. This is the idea that the cabinets above your stove would be a different shade or tone than the ones even with the stove or countertop. This adds a perfect blend of vintage with modern that your guests will be admiring for years to come. Leaving the upper cabinets, a lighter finish keeps them posh and clean. This will give your kitchen the facelift you’ve been seeking. However, changing the lower cabinets to a darker tone with perhaps some underlying hints of red in it will give your kitchen the pop you crave. This process will show your ability to mix and match the old with the new in a way that allows you to still have a clean cut and professional looking kitchen. You’ll avoid the process of colored cabinet decisions and instead focus solely on the stains of wood you desire. Keeping them in their natural glory will keep it rustic without being overboard and will also allow you to have more of a free reign on the wall colors and backsplash. It also affords you the ability to mix and match elsewhere in the kitchen that you originally may not have thought to. Instead of sticking to the status quo, you’re already branching out so why not go all the way? Avoid being unoriginal and add in a brass accent piece to tie the rooms different tones together. Or perhaps opt for marble counters instead of the finished wood you were going to try and match the table to the cabinets with. With so many options available, it’s important to understand that your taste will vary and you may very well change your mind. Doing two-toned cabinets makes changing your mind a little less scary. In some cases should this happen, all you need do is re-stain the lighter cabinets the same color as the dark ones and your mini-crisis has been avoided. With a different technique this wouldn’t necessarily be possible. In two-tone cabinet selections, you’re afforded a beautiful up front design as well as a doable back up plan that won’t break your bank.