Stop Buying Cheap Materials

There’s no doubt you get what you pay for when it comes to home renovation. For some things, you can settle on a cheap alternative (like paint and disposable decoratives), but your flooring will last the lifetime of your home. You don’t want to replace it again and again, or deal with the damages of cheap flooring materials. To find the right floor, you may have to work with your budget and cut some expenses. Don’t hire someone else to do a job if you can do it yourself. You can revitalize cabinets by purchasing a nice finish and pain, rather than replacing them. You can even save by shopping for secondhand furniture, adding character to your home without burning a hole in your pocket. By cutting costs on aesthetics and labor, you can invest in the core of your interior design with high quality flooring. The only place where cheap floors are not a problem are small rooms such as cabinets and closets. But in high traffic areas, like your kitchen and living room, you want to buy a long lasting floor that adds value to your home. Hardwood is perfect for living and dining rooms. It’s very simple yet beautiful, and will last longer than a cheap synthetic wood replacement. Look for high quality linoleum or vinyl that looks like wood for your kitchen, as water and spills easily damages hardwood. Stone and ceramic tiles are ideal for bathrooms. You want to use a material that is water resistant and easy to clean in the bathroom or for outdoor applications. The most important reason to invest in better flooring for your home renovation is that floors are relatively permanent. It’s not like changing paint colors – once you choose a flooring option you’ll have it in your home for years. You’ll also invest in installation and repair, so if you buy cheap flooring you’ll have to pay more for a shorter lifespan. When you shop for flooring, keep in mind that cutting corners will cost you more in the end. If you’re looking for affordable, yet high quality flooring options, check out the Naffco Flooring & Interiors online catalogue. You can also look for great deals in our sale special selections.