Measure Twice Cut Once

Carpenters know that they only have one chance to make the right cut. If they don’t they’ve wasted their time and money making a piece that won’t work or won’t look nice. But this saying applies to all design projects. When planning an interior design project or renovation, you want to avoid the mistakes (and spending the extra money) by planning for chaos and design problems. Remember these common mistakes, and take steps to avoid them as you plan your project. Buying too few materials. It’s never a good idea to guess when it comes to material use. If you order flooring and run out, you’ll have to wait for weeks to order more and resume the project. If you buy materials as they’re going out of stock, you may not be able to go back for more. Not understanding your dimensions. What do you do if the fabulous couch you bought on sale doesn’t leave space in the living room for your favorite recliner? You can make a best guess, but won’t know your furniture will fit the layout unless you measure before. Going against the budget. You need to “measure” your budget against service quotes to paint a realistic picture of the money you’re going to spend. But sometimes we pay for what we want, not what we need, and end up with an unfinished interior renovation. To avoid those mistakes, make sure you: Measure your space and map it out. Whether you’re replacing cabinet or floors, you need to know the size of materials and the amount of space you need to cover with paint, sealant, subflooring or raw materials. This is the literal meaning of “measure once, cut twice.” Make sure you buy enough materials, or preferably a little more to make room for mistakes. Understand how furniture will fill the space. When people go shopping, they don’t often think about how exactly it will fit with the layout of the room. Look at and measure several different pieces, then go home and mark how much space each piece of furniture will use. Get quotes for every material and service before you buy anything. It’s tempting to rush out and spend money on the elements of your design that are most important, but you never know what incidentals you’ll have to pay for or what elements will become priority in the future. Understand the entire financial scope of your project before making a purchase. If you’re looking for good deals on floors, windows, and cabinetry, shop Naffco Flooring & Interiors. We offer the highest quality materials, and frequently update our sale special selections. Call us today and get a free estimate for your design project!