Is Vintage the New Modern?

It’s no secret that style wise, things will ebb and flow falling in and out of current trends constantly. This being said, as of late interior designing gurus have been struggling with the question: is vintage the new modern? For many, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only are the classical architecture styles coming back, but much of the literal interior designs are being inspired if not entirely drawn from vintage ideals. People are ripping up their once beloved wall to wall carpeting to install wooden flooring or simply reveal the beautiful wooden floors that were there all along. After the flooring has been adjusted, then comes the updating of the rest of the room. With the recent brass revival, many designers are using it as staple accent pieces to give your home a rustic and edgy vibe. The brass can either be displayed as glossy or matte and depending on which you go for will depend on how vintage inspired you would like your space to be. It adds a romantic sense to the space giving the room an extra resurgence of history and luster that it may have lacked previously. Whether it’s used in small doses such as the pieces holding up display shelves or knobs for handles or instead the stable piece of a room as an abstract chandelier or hand railing, the brass will give your space a timeless and whimsically nostalgic feel that is popular right now. The highlight of accenting with brass is that it’s such a timeless material. While you may readjust things around it, your piece of brass in your space will always add an extra glimmer of vintage. And vintage is never out of style. When it comes to upgrading your home, the most important aspect is that you do whatever suits your preferences best. If you don’t believe in the romantic brass revival trench, then branch out and continue to try different mediums until you find one that complements what you had in mind for the room. It’s your home and settling for something simply because others say that it’s in style will only have you remodeling again a few years down the road. In the end you need to trust your own designing instincts and don’t be afraid to branch out and try things that are a little outside of the box to give your home that extra personalized touch.