Building Small Doorways

Small doorways are usually a problem with floorplans. They can make a room less functional or feel cramped. Small doorways can cause problems with furniture and wheelchairs, and do not always function well with standard baby gates. However, you can optimize your small doorway with these five alternatives: Sliding pocket doors. A sliding door will run across the adjacent wall, using minimal space when you open it. These types of doors can be lifted slightly off the ground to prevent scratching on tile or hardwood floors. Bifold doors. Bifolding doors help reduce space and can add elegance to your dining room or front areas of the house. They also work well for transitions to your backyard. Bifold doors look best with glass, or when used for walk-in pantries. Shoji doors. These Japanese-style doors act as part of the wall, and like sliding doors minimize the space needed to install. Shoji doors look great in kitchens, or when used to conceal open storage spaces. Pivoting doors. Pivot doors take up half the space, and are great when you have a narrow hallway. You don’t need the additional wall space that you would with a sliding or shoji door. However, the open to one side, if you prefer that to bifold doors. Curtains. If you’re trying to cover a closet, storage area or pantry but don’t have the space for a swinging door, you can simply use some stylish curtains on an open doorway. Curtains add a pop of color, and are cheaper than traditional doors. Talk to your designer, developer and contractor about different door options, especially where smaller doorways are necessary. In some places you may be able to renovate and build a larger doorway. If you can’t try one of these alternatives to give your room unique charm than enhances rather than hides a smaller doorway. Need more design ideas? Check out more of Naffco Flooring and Interiors’ blogs! We stay up to date on the latest trends, and work with a team of designers to give you the professionals’ advice you can trust. Contact us today to learn more.