3 Ways to Give your Kids’ Rooms an Update

As our children age it’s hard to keep up with their growing and ever changing taste. With their preferences constantly changing it can seem impossible when trying to give them a room that they feel 100% comfortable in and believe fully provides them with a space of their own to be completely at ease. This is where Naffco comes in. Here are 3 ways to give your kids room an update that you may not have thought of. #1. Rip up that rug and let the floors breathe! More often than not – especially in older houses – carpeted bedrooms have secret beautiful wooden floors just beneath their surface. If you shouldn’t be so lucky, then we would suggest installing your own wooden floor instead. This will provide your growing child with a floor that complements their changing personalities extremely well due to the fact that the wood is a timeless staple piece that you won’t have to change again. Plus, if you’re not feeling up for hardwood, we also offer a laminate flooring which is just as beautiful but also easier to install and less of a worry as far as upkeep. #2. Area rugs are a wonderful way to add a pop of color to a room. This will not only be something that is interchangeable should your child eventually grow to want a different color, but is also easy to clean since it’s removable. You can arrange and rearrange the area rug as many times and in as many different ways as you would like without all of the hassle that comes with getting a full sized wall to wall carpeting installed in the bedroom. #3. Adding in some cabinets is another great way to upgrade a room. While this one is more dependent on space, the different types and color options Naffco offers allows you free range to choose which size is right for you. You’ll be able to have far more storage space as well as give the room a very modern and updated feel to it. Naffco understands that things change and so does your child’s style and taste. If you’re ready to begin the upgrading process then please feel free to visit Naffco on their website at http://naffcofloorandinteriors.com for more information. Lose the stress of a home makeover and gain a team of people ready to listen and meet your specific family’s needs with Naffco on your side.