Modern Trends: Black and White Marble and Wood

When reviving a space and altering it in some way, it’s important to understand what your vision is for it before committing to any solid features. Once you’ve done this it makes it far easier to decide which direction to take your investments. If you’re the type of person who has an eclectic taste and simply can’t seem to settle on one type of style then modern trends: black and white marble and wood is definitely the trend you’ll want to keep an eye on. This modern take on mixing of mediums keeps you on your toes and visually can be extremely pleasing. Not only are you affording yourself the elegance of the marble, but you’re also embracing the rugged rustic essence of the wood. This mixture of modern materials will keep your space looking fresh and contemporary for years to come. Should you choose to branch out even further, you may want to consider adding accent pops of color as well. The mixing of these different mediums will allow you to have your cake and eat it too. Instead of having to settle on one theme for your space, you will be able to embrace the essence of many different things all at once. At first this idea can seem overwhelming and scatterbrained, in reality it’s a modern representation of the world we live in. In this day and age, there isn’t typically one thing to settle for, instead we want it all. The coordinating of shades and types of wood to the marble of your choosing can be a difficult one so be sure to consider all options and visually try to see them together before making any concrete decisions. This will allow you to weigh all possibilities before committing to one or the other, ensuring that you get exactly what you want and that your space will transform into a timeless pieces of art that you get to reside in. Regardless of whichever type of marble or wood you choose, it’s important to remember that when it comes to what’s visually pleasing for you, that may not entirely translate for someone else. This being said, it’s best to always trust your own instincts and understand that this is your space and your house that you’re turning into a home. Doing what’s best for your aesthetic and your preferences should always come first and foremost when choosing mediums to work with for a remodel.