Modern Trends: Brass Revival

When it comes to remodeling your house our simply upgrading a few rooms, it’s important to check out of few of the most modern trends taking the stage right now. One of the most widely agreed upon one is modern trends: brass revival version. This unique and unexpected usage of brass in your home will give it a vintage and romantic appeal that it didn’t have before. The brass can be displayed as either glossy or matte depending on which you prefer and each version of this will give a rustic finish to your space. The glossy version adds a shine and pop of luster to the room while keeping it clean looking and modern. On the other hand, the distressed looking nature of the matte finish will keep your home countryside comparable and woodsy in the best possible way. Depending on how you use it can also affect the feeling it emotes into a space. If you use the brass as a staple piece in the room such as a hand railing for your stairs, you’ll be opening up your room to the copper tones and allowing that simple pop of color to further accentuate all of the other working color combinations in the room. However, should you choose a less obvious display of the brass, such as knobs on handles and doors, you’ll be able to give your room a detailed feeling of purpose. The final touch of the brass handles will pull your space together in ways you never expected. With different shades of brass available you won’t be limited to just one style, which will also allow you to get creative in your usage of the brass accents. The vintage feel that the brass has allows for a nostalgic feeling to overcome you all the while paired with the new and modern surroundings. This provides your space with a sense of romance in embracing the old and new styles of decorating and accenting a space that fits you best. Regardless of how you choose to accent your room, brass revival is one of the styles that is taking the interior design world by force right now. The many different options one can explore while indulging in the romanticism of the brass revival allows each individual to find a version of it that works for their specific personal needs and desires design wise allowing the trend to be a universally inclusive one.