Modern Trends: Family Rooms instead of TV Rooms

With the age of technology upon us it’s difficult not to become swept up in the whimsy that is surrounding us on a regular basis. Instead, it’s time to get back to the basics and find our roots all over again. This can be done indirectly when you begin the process of remodeling your space. Instead of upgrading your room into a modern home theater, check out one of the most modern trends: family rooms instead of TV rooms. While this may at first seem unappealing considering how much of our culture is based around television and viewing things on screens, it’s important to consider the good it can do for not only a space, but also your family. Eliminating the television in a room allows you to have your main focus be anything anywhere, opening up the room to endless possibilities. When there’s a TV present in a room, that inevitably becomes the central focus and everything must be formed around it. This need goes away once you decide to design a family room and not a TV room. Once you’ve made that decision it’s time to consider what else you can add to the room to give it more appeal. Often times, distressed book cases are wonderful additions and if possible, fireplaces as well. This adds a sense of warmth (literally in some cases) and home like feelings to a room that a television simply can’t offer. Instead of gathering around a TV to watch something in silence, you’ll gather around the fire to play games or just chat where you’re all close together and warm. The openness of the room will translate into openness in relationships, pulling you and your loved ones even closer together. Now that you’ve opened up the room, you’ll be able to accent it with various pieces. Should you go the fireplace option, you’ll now have a mantel you can decorate with each changing seasons.  Should you bring in a book case you’ll now have not only a storage space for your collection of novels, but you’ll also add a very rustic vibe to the entire room as well by having the books so openly on display. Regardless of how you choose to design the center focus of your room, you’ll have to make those decisions based on your personal preferences. Finding creative ways to reorganize and upgrade a family room becomes a vat of endless possibilities once eliminating the necessity of a television.