Modern Trends: Patterned Tiles

When you’re designing a new bathroom or upgrading one it’s important to consider the logic behind changing some of its fundamental characteristics. One of the best ways to do this is exploring some of the more modern trends that are taking the interior design world by storm. For bathrooms a popular version of this is modern trends: patterned tiles. Not only is tiling a wonderful aesthetic accent to your bathroom, but it also makes the most sense for cleanliness as well. The tiles are easy to clean and can be used not only for flooring, but also on the walls should you so choose to extend it that far. This would make cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom a breeze. Now that there’s an establishing factor of the logic behind using tiling for your bathroom remodeling project it’s time to look into what types of tiling to use. While plain black and white will give you a clean polished feel, one of the newest most popular trends is choosing a tile with a pattern on it. This allows you to personalize the feel of your bathroom even more without forcing you to break out the paint. With the patterned tiling, you get the same essence as painting your walls would give you but you get it without the hassle of having to repaint them on a semi regular basis. Outside of that, should you choose to only tile the floor, the subtle patterning will add a modern pop on a very 70s take on material choice. It’s the perfect blend of old and new without crossing over into tacky. You’ll be able to have other accent pieces in the bathroom such as soap dispensers or a shower curtain that matches the tiling or subtly brings out the colors in it as well. This will add a pop that you may not initially have thought possible when designing a bathroom. This modern technique will give you the same clean cut polished feel without the boundaries of a strictly white bathroom. Instead, you’ll be able to inject even more of your personal style and personality into the space you so choose to remodel and thus, making your house that much more of a home to you. Regardless of which type of tiling you choose to do, it’s important that you care for it and clean it on a regular basis in the same rotation that you clean the rest of your space so that you can enjoy it in its full luster for as long as possible.