Building a Small Bathroom

Sometimes you don’t have any choice but to settle on a small bathroom. It may not be ideal, but having an extra small bathroom is better than everyone in the house sharing one big one. However, experts say that you can make a tiny room look and feel much better by following these simple steps: Use bold and dark patterns. Most people avoid dark colors, or bold wallpaper patterns in their interiors design. But in a small bathroom, you need to make the space pop as much as you can. Try different designs, and stray away from the rest of your home’s color scheme. You need to make a big statement with what little space you do have. Use functional and open storage options. Skip the cabinets and go for open shelves to store your bathroom accessories. It looks much better, and you can experiment with pocket doors oor unconventional storage options. But don’t add unnecessary decor – it will only clutter the space. Use glass shower doors. A transparent shower door will make the room seem larger, because you can see more of the room from all angles. Shower doors also minimize mildew, as opposed to having just curtains. This will help when it comes time to get into the hard-to-reach corners of a tiny bathroom. Minimize. While your color scheme and patterns should be bold, your decor should not. Use small appliances, including the toilet, sink, and shower space, and keep the items you store in the bathroom to a minimum. Choose the right vanity. In a small bathroom, the best storage space you’ll have is the vanity. Because you’re buying smaller appliances, you may be able to afford a more expensive one as the main decorative piece. Shop around for a vanity that’s bold and unique. Keep the countertop clean. Because clutter will be especially noticeable, make sure you store all cosmetics and bath supplies on a pocket door or cabinet space. You should only have soap, a toothbrush rack or cup, and maybe a stylish centerpiece on the sink countertop. Try a pedestal sink. If a vanity or countertop takes up too much space, try a pedestal sink instead. These have a classic, vintage style and take up much less space. You can add golden or brass fixtures to enhance the vintage look. Change up the tile. You should always use tile in a bathroom, to prevent water damage and erosion. Choose a fun style and texture, or create a unique design with different colors. Bathrooms are the perfect place to utilize small tiles on floors, as well as the shower wall. Want more design ideas and advice? Call Naffco Flooring and Interiors! Our staff can help you choose the right materials, and provide installation for your next home improvement project.