Modern Trends: Spring Colors

A large portion of reviving a space or remodeling a room is being able to step outside of the box and work to try different combinations that you may not have necessarily tried previously. With this idea comes one of the most popular modern trends: spring colors. Spring is a time of rebirth and growth. It’s when all of the snow clears and the sun comes back on a regular basis to warm things up and begin the process of starting over. What better theme for the revival of a room than spring colors? Not only is it a modern approach to using the inspirations of nature to coordinate a room, but it also forces you into color combinations that you may not have previously even been brave enough to come close to. The key to this modern trend is going outside of your comfort zone, and then taking one step further. Not only will this put you in a headspace that many others won’t even think to go to, but it will also ensure that your room will become a highly personalized and original area that you’ve designed. One of the most prominent colors of spring is a deep, bright green. This for many can be a scary color to work with. The natural hue of the color is overpowering and can consume a room if not handled correctly. Instead of designing your entire room this bright green, consider painting it as an accent wall that frames other beautifully matched walls. With this it’s nice to try pairings with muted yellows and other colors that are reminiscent of spring time. This focus on the bright and lively colors will breathe life into your space that simply wouldn’t be able to be harnessed or noticed otherwise. While this idea can cause many remodelers to fall into a state of panic, it’s important to remember that while you’re exploring ideas outside of your comfort zone, it’s also okay to veto some as well. You are your own designer and you are your best critic so if you feel as though something isn’t working, color combination or otherwise, then trust your instincts and move on to a different trial. It’s not a crime to change your mind and with so much free range of possibilities and color when it comes to the spring color usage, you’ll never run out of space to explore different ideas.