The eclectic style embraces all periods, styles and trends, mixing them all together to create unique spaces and themes to run through the interior of your home. There is often an element which ties all these seemingly mismatched pieces together in the form of color, texture or shape. Palettes, art, furniture, ornaments, fixtures all vary, …

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Country-inspired décor doesn’t have to be old-fashioned; in fact it can be a great design choice for many different types of space. It can be used to bring character and a sense of home to a new place, or revamp your current one. The great thing about this style is also its lasting ability; if …

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Art Deco

The art deco style is something that never seemingly goes out of fashion.  The trend of Arts Décoratifs began at the turn of the twentieth century; however it didn’t reach the heights of its greatest popularity until the 1920s. It is known to be a pastiche of different styles, ranging from France to Egypt, the …

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