Interior Design for Spring 2017

Spring is the time for new beginnings; the garden blooms with life and everything wakes up from the deep slumber of winter. This is why this season is the ideal time to give your home some of the tender loving care it deserves, and sometimes a spring clean is not quite enough. Redecorating your interior doesn’t have to be a headache, nor must it cost the earth. Enjoy the process and take some inspiration from the following to transport your home into 2017 with these latest trends:

1. 80’s Revival

The 80’s invokes all kinds of nostalgia: music, pop culture, movies, fashion…finally enough time has passed for this electric decade to be back in vogue. Of course, you’re not looking to replicate your teenage bedroom and some 80s décor was pretty unforgivable, so opt for more subtly-inspired accessories to embrace this style – especially if you want to keep it understated. Think bright patterns on cushions paired with a few choice pieces of 80’s art or furnishings.

2. Tropical Trends

Make your home into a tropical paradise this spring by choosing this trendy style. There is some beautiful, tropically-inspired wallpaper on offer this season; complement it with bright accents, rattan furniture and of course some gorgeous indoor plants! You might not be able to live in a jungle paradise but this spring you can make on of your own.

3. The Art of the Avant-Garde

Although art-deco never really went out of fashion, it’s back at the forefront of designer’s minds – and with good reason. This elegant style is pretty much timeless, and encompasses luxurious textures, opulence and beauty for beauty’s sake – and why the heck not! Create mixes of materials: glass, chrome, leather, marble, brass. If that sounds like a headache for upkeep an cleaning, just add a few avant-accents. Your home can become an environment Gatsby and his party pals will approve of with decadent furnishings and stand-out geometric patterns – mix with pastels or neutral hues for a more understated look.

4. Beautiful Blues

This color is extremely on trend this spring: Dulux named Denim Drift its Color of the Year for 2017, and everyone’s favorite, cobalt blue, is back with force. The great thing about these shades is that they complement such a wide variety of hues so well – from whites and neutrals to warmer shades. Materials like cork and terracotta are enjoying their renaissance and work well with these blues too.