Green Living: Nature-Inspired Interior Designs

  When it comes to green living, nature-inspired interior designs are one of the most coveted trends of the year. With people drawing inspiration from the natural world around them, there’s much more free expression of design as well as allows one to be more aware of the way their remodeling projects can be eco-friendly moving forward.
  • Recycled materials

One of the best ways to have nature-inspired interior designs as well as being environmentally conscious is using recycled materials. One of the best-recycled materials to use that will stay on trend is old wine bottles. After cleaning them and removing labels, you can paint them and add touches that bring back natural roots as well as allow the bottles to serve as makeshift vases to hold flowers and serve as decorations.
  • Faux plants

This allows the illusion of having fresh plants and flowers around in the house without you needing to physically go out and pick the flowers. The faux plants will last for a longer period of time and can be reorganized and cleaned for years to come to avoid needing to buy new ones for a long while. Your house will feel even more like a home as the natural beauty of different plants opens up the room. You’ll be able to give the essence of the outdoors without harming the outdoors in the process.
  • Warm and earthy

By using earthy and warm tones such as beiges, yellows, oranges, and reds you’ll be able to warm up a space without having to change too much. Choosing neutral paints to decorate the walls and colorful window treatments, you’ll be able to change and adjust the tone of your room accordingly. Making it nature-inspired by keeping spaces generally neutral and using smaller accents to change the tone of a room makes decorating and redecorating far easier. This also allows you to not need to invest as much in specialized decorations. By keeping the general colors of the room neutral and focusing the color on the accent pieces, you won’t need to worry too much about adjusting the look of a room seasonally because it will already be timeless.