Indoor Garden Ideas – Best Indoor Plants for Spring

Spring is the time of growth and new life, so why not get involved and start your journey into indoor botany! Indoor plants are a great choice for those of us who might not have the opportunity to grow outside, but still enjoy the art of tending to flowers and all the benefits that come with them. They provide additional oxygen helping to purify the air in your home – and of course, they look beautiful. Thankfully indoor plants can be quite forgiving, so you don’t need to be overly green-thumbed to enjoy having them dotted all around your interior. Bring new life to your apartment with any (or all!) of these springtime plants:


These flowers are known for their beautiful poof ball blossoms and come in many different colors, so they can be easily matched to your décor. Even inside they can grow quite tall, so choose your space wisely. They have a strong floral scent perfect for springtime and need a great deal of water but not full sunlight.

English Ivy

This classic, elegant plant is ideal for spring as it can thrive in cooler temperatures. It is extremely easy to start growing; all you need is a section of a stem and you’re good to go. The great thing about this plant is that it trails down its pot, so make sure you place it high to achieve this luscious look.


Want to add a touch of tropical to your home? Then invest in the spectacular hibiscus flower. One special aspect that hibiscus flower boasts is it’s attractive fading petals; they transform color from yellow or blue or red through to pink and white. They can take up room when blossoming, so give them a great deal of space to fully appreciate their bloom. They also need a great deal of sunlight to grow.

Jade Plant

This plant is certainly an investment; it can last for years into the future if correctly taken care of. It has luscious, smooth leaves and thick tree-like branches and has been a popular indoor plant for many years. You can place it in a pot with other varieties, and it doesn’t need much water. It prefers bright light and average temperatures to grow well.