Home Renovations as Father’s Day Gifts

Dad does so much for your family, including all the stuff he’s done around the house – so you want to get him the best present ever: doing stuff around the house FOR him. Send him away on Father’s Day weekend and sneak in some contractors to put together some renovations before he gets back. Here are some home renovation ideas that he’ll love to be surprised by.
  1. Blackout curtains. When Dad’s at work late and just needs some extra beauty sleep, these can make all the difference. He’ll love the extra hour of rest.
  2. Caulk the tub. Update the tub so that Pops can relax in it without worrying about all the work that needs to be done. Give him a few manly bath bombs as part of his father’s day gift.
  3. Add a mini-fridge. Stick it in the den next to the couch so that he can keep his snacks and beer close by while watching television. Pair with his favorite alcoholic drinks and some ice cream.
  4. New flooring in the kitchen. Flooring is such a chore, and this way he’ll never have to think about it again. Also, buy him a broom and floor polish so he can keep his new present properly clean. 😉
  5. New television cabinet. Update it to have room for all the DVDs, games, and game consoles to be tucked away so he doesn’t have to trip over anything on the den floor. Also, make sure it will have space for his collection to grow. The cabinets can be custom made for your particular space.
  6. New closet shelving. Reorganize his closet to suit his particular needs, and maybe even add an electric tie rack. No more disorganized mess of clothes thrown on the floor in frustration.
  7. Pet door. No more letting Fido in and out at all hours – he can do it himself! There are options for lockable pet doors that keep security risks low.
  8. Bathroom shaving shelf. Neatly display his shaving equipment in an easy-access location. Then maybe he’ll use it more often. 😉
  9. Built-in wine rack. He’ll love displaying beautiful bottles during dinner parties.