How to Choose Luxury Vinyl for Your Home

Choosing luxury vinyl flooring for your home can be a tough choice. Flooring is a big decision that can make a dramatic change to your home. Whether you pick a lighter vinyl to brighten up your space or a dark vinyl to make your bigger home feel cozier. Here at Naffco, we’re passionate about filling your home with the best product and services. To help choose a luxury vinyl for your home we suggest starting off with the basic steps of envisioning your space. You want to consider how much natural lighting you have, too. When choosing your vinyl, recognizing your natural lighting around your house can be a huge step that most people miss. If your home has minimal natural light then you want to keep your floors light in that space. This will help keep your house feel larger than it actually is. If your home has a ton of natural light you can get away with a darker luxury vinyl floor. With more natural light your space can feel bright and airy. With darker floors, you can ground your space and make it feel bright and cozy instead. Choosing luxury vinyl can be a better choice over another flooring due to the simple fact of Florida weather. Vinyl is great in Florida weather. Thinking about the climate is very important and when you think about Florida you think about humidity. Vinyl flooring is made to resist high-moisture areas, not something that other floors are built for. Choosing something that will last in the weather climate is a great way to also increase your home’s worth. When upgrading something like flooring you will more than likely see a full return on your investment. Naffco is ready to help you in any way they can, especially with their answering service that gets back to you within 24 hours. Naffco can also offer financial planning to help assist you with your transition to new flooring. Choosing your luxury vinyl flooring should be fun, and at Naffco we like to keep it that way. Choosing the best vinyl for your house, matching what you are envisioning and keeping it under budget is what Naffco prides themselves on.