Tips For Replacing Your Floors this Summer

There are only a few things that can completely change the atmosphere of a room including; wall color, wall decor and floor choices. Changing your floors can add a whole new vibe to your home. So why not take the time this summer and revamp your space! Here you’ll read some of our top tips when it comes to replacing your floors this summer:
  1. Vision

Take the time to envision your space and imagine how you want people to feel when they walk into it. Envisioning this will help you gather ideas like if you want your space to be warm and inviting, or maybe you want it light and airy because right across the road there’s a beautiful ocean! Taking the time to design can help you save time and money by having an idea of what you want before you hire someone or go shopping. You’ll also save money, by having such a clear vision of what you want you will only have to spend once. “Measure twice, cut once” can be applied in the design world, but in our case, “Envision your plan, then execute.”  Have a plan, but remain flexible in how you’ll achieve this vision.
  1.  Sweat equity

After taking the time to envision your space and how you want your friends and family to feel in it, you can start making moves towards it. When you’re thinking of replacing flooring you can do your research and learn how different choices can have a bigger return on your money than other choices. For instance, carpet was trendy back in the day but nowadays you won’t see your money back if you choose something other than hardwood floor for your main living area. Pro tip: sweat it out. There is no better feeling than learning a new trade and building that sweat equity all by yourself!
  1. Don’t have time to polish?

Don’t forget to pick a floor that is maintainable! This, which is usually overlooked, is so important. If you are a mom of three athletic children who run through the house with cleats and sneakers or if you have a dog or two, you might want to consider a flooring choice that is more scratch resistant. For example, laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is easy to install, affordable,  and also low maintenance.