Green Living: Energy Saving for Your Home

  When it comes to going green it’s not as hard or as costly as many people think. A lot of green living is readjusting little things in your home as well as being conscious of the ways certain types of materials can affect the way energy is given off and absorbed within a living space. Once we understand that, we then can discuss more on green living: energy saving for your home.
  • It’s the little things

Whether you make a conscious effort to use more natural lighting or are physically switching the lightbulbs out for more efficient ones, often times it’s the extremely small efforts that make the most difference in energy efficiency. Sometimes it’s letting your air conditioning run at a higher temperature, or unplugging electronics, or even planning a remodeling project that focuses on opening up a space to use more of the natural lighting from nature. Either way, the small things that you can do will not only help you to go green, but can also save you money.
  • Insulation is key

When undertaking home improvement projects it’s good to get back down to the basics and make sure that your home is properly insulated. Having adequate insulation will keep heat and cool air where it’s supposed to be and allow less to escape your home. This then will allow your heating and cooling units to exert less energy while maintaining your home at a comfortable temperature year round without the worry of a sudden spike in an energy bill.
  • Programmable thermostats

These handy inventions can save you more than 10 percent on your heating and cooling bills. While they’re a little pricey to install, they end up paying for themselves in the end. The constant controlled temperature leads to less fluctuation ability in heat and cooling and the steady rate of it will allow the heating and cooling units to expend less energy than previously. Sometimes you just need a general overhaul in equipment. Replacing outdated HVAC systems can lower your monthly energy bills, but this should only be attempted if your home is properly insulated and sealed.