DIY Projects for 2017: Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to DIY projects for 2017, outdoor lighting is one of the most coveted styles of the season. Here at Naffco Flooring and Interiors, we hope to provide you with some great ideas to uplift your outdoor space so that you’ll be able to enjoy long summer nights with the perfect mood lighting all the while.

Natural aesthetic or dramatized stylization?

One of the first things you’ll want to decide is whether you want the lighting to blend with the natural flow of the space or if you want it to be more styled and crafted. If you’re looking for natural lighting, you will also want to consider what furniture you have to work with as well. If you have chairs and various places where attention would need to be focused, you’ll need to take this into consideration due to the fact that natural looking lighting tends to be dimmer than stylized lighting. Choosing bulbs that have a muted tone will also soften and warm the area. It will be bright enough to see your guests, but dim enough to be relaxed and feel the homey energy. Should you choose a more dramatized look, you’ll need to consider furniture for a very different reason. With chic and cool lamp and light designs, you’ll need to plan ahead as far as where to potentially hang and post lights for the best results. Should you choose the more dramatic approach, you’ll also want to balance that out with an overall span of warm and dim lighting to avoid harsh shadows and extreme light areas. This will keep your lighting just as aesthetically pleasing as it is dramatized. After embracing the style of lighting you prefer, it’s then a matter of making sure that your space can support the vibes that you are envisioning. In some cases, minor readjustments may need to be made and we’re here to tell you not to panic. Often times, a little guidance can go a long way in opening up an area that you’re remodeling. Here at Naffco, we hope to make the DIY process a little bit easier to manage.